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    Favorite destinations

    These are the favorite destinations of our Visitors.

    Half Day Tour

    Tour Valle del Arcoirís

    A short but intense tour. To stand in the Valley of the Rainbow is to be at the foot of the large rocks and the multicolored hills that rise along…

    Full Day

    Puritama Springs – Full Day Tour

    Water running in the channels of the driest desert in the world is not particular only for its context, but also for the minerals present in the crystal-clear rivers that…

    4 Hrs. Tarde

    Laguna Cejar

    A 20 Km. de San Pedro de Atacama y a 2.300 msnm, se encuentra esta laguna en medio del Salar de Atacama, en un entorno de gran belleza y rodeada…

    Half Day

    Moon Valley Tour

    Just 15 minutes away from San Pedro de Atacama you will feel that you travel to space in one of the valleys of the driest desert on Earth. This amazing…

    Best destinations for 2019

    Discover these incredible places to walk, photograph and travel.

      Tour Valle del Arcoirís

      Half Day Tours, Regular Tour

      A short but intense tour. To stand in the Valley of the Rainbow is to be at the foot of the large rocks and the multicolored hills that rise along this sector. Red, white and green are the colors that…

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      Lagoas Miscanti e Miniques – Turistas desde Brasil
      Lagoas Miscanti e Miniques – Turistas desde Brasil é muito bom cada lugar mais lindo que o outro é um dos países mais lindo que eu conheci o José ele faz essa viagem ser muito mais bonita porque ele sabe como agradar todas as pessoas e é incrível… Read More
      Laguna de Tebenquiche – Turistas desde Argentina
      Laguna de Tebenquiche – Turistas desde Argentina Les recomiendo a que hagan las excursiones, no solo nos tratan bien sino que es una tremenda experiencia, nosotras nos vamos llenas de todo lo que hicimos. Read More
      Refugio Comunidad de Coyo – Tebenquiche
      Refugio Comunidad de Coyo – Tebenquiche Hoy vivimos una experiencia única de sanación, de liberación donde superamos miedos algunas. Vivimos algo que pocas personas tienen la experiencia. Read More

      Communities and Associated Organizations

      Our work with the Autonomous Communities and the commitment to preserve the environment allows us to offer you unique destinations to know.

      Haramaksi Accommodation in Coyo Community

      The Atacama Desert offers diverse services for those who want to discover it, from baths to trekking, with the possibility of detecting the wonderful secrets that each grain of sand hides. Among those different opportunities, it is also possible to sleep in the desert. In the entrance of the Ayllu de Coyo, there is a house standing right in front of the Moon Valley.

      Tulor Village, archaeological treasure protected by the Community of Coyo

      The history of San Pedro de Atacama is unique. Twelve thousand years ago, these lands had indigenous peoples living here, that changed from nomadic communities to sedentism thanks to the development of agriculture, as well as Atacama people who defended their territory until the arrival of Incas. The town that was once a place of passage is now the center of tourism in the north of Chile.

      Tebenquiche Lagoon, natural reservoir of ancestral microorganisms

      Healing, encounter with oneself, and peace. This is very close to what you feel by looking at the sunset that, with a blend of intense colors, let you see the moon reflected in the still water. The Tebenquiche Lagoon is a mirror of the colors festival that occurs in this place that at times seems taken from another planet.

      Ancestral Astronomy in the Community of Coyo, San Predro de Atacama

      Ayllu de Coyo Shelter: ancestral connection, nature and magic in just one place. Do you need to get away from the stress and enjoy water with unique benefits for your skin? Do not waste more time and live an unforgettable experience in the Coyo community’s magic shelter located in the Atacama salt flat. In this […]