Haramaksi Accommodation in Coyo Community

The Atacama Desert offers diverse services for those who want to discover it, from baths to trekking, with the possibility of detecting the wonderful secrets that each grain of sand hides.

Among those different opportunities, it is also possible to sleep in the desert. In the entrance of the Ayllu de Coyo, there is a house standing right in front of the Moon Valley. That is the location of the rooms in which Rubén Martínez and Blanca Mondaca host the tourists that are searching to escape from San Pedro and enjoy the desert both during the day and at night.

Rubén and Blanca are part of the Atacama people. When leaving the luggage in the rooms, whoever stays in this place will understand that this is a way of connecting with a culture that even today aims to spread its traditions, agriculture, architecture and history.

The rooms, built with the same materials and design from the Atacama people, transmit a millenary worldview which the contemporary world is not acquainted with anymore. An example? Listen to the sweet sound of the wind during the night welcoming the moon that lights the desert’s sky.